The big debate surrounding Shamima Begum

Photo credit: The Telegraph

“Shamima left on her own accord, although being a child she was quite naïve, she didn’t have any real mental or general health issues to affect her decision.”

Whilst I completely understand that not every girl going through teenage troubles ends up joining an extremist group in Syria.

“Shamima should not be allowed back to set an example to individuals who may consider joining extremist groups, they will see that it is not easy to return, and the court will not be sympathetic.”

However, is leaving Shamima “stateless” really necessary to set an example.

Photo credit: AFP Photo/Alex Wong/Getty Images

“Why should she be let back in if she’s shown no remorse?”

Her body language and emotions are difficult to understand, she is not begging or crying to be let back into the UK and after the mistakes, she’s made, many argue that she should be. But not everyone is able to show emotion in the same way.

“She’s dangerous, she would be a threat to the UK.”

Government barrister Sir James Eadie QC said, “If you force the secretary of state to facilitate a return to the UK… the effect is to create potentially very serious national security concerns. You can’t keep the person out of the jurisdiction — and that is a highly valuable weapon in the armoury of public protection.”



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