Riz Ahmed: Too broke to fly to audition, now an Oscar nominee.

Photo credit: Getty Images

“If there’s a way in which people can find themselves at this moment and can feel inspired and connected on a deeper level, I’m all for it, whether they see me as the first British Pakistani, or the first guy from Wembley, you know, there are so many ways to view it. But as long as it feels like an opportunity for more people than ever before to really connect and feel included at this moment, that’s a blessing.”

Whereas Riz Ahmed, celebrated the interconnected feeling this nomination brings to many, some have stated that his decision to not outrightly give his Muslim title any importance has taken away from that. On the other hand, I don’t believe Ahmed intended to downplay being a Muslim and instead just wants to be appreciated for being a great actor. After all, his activism for the Muslim community is enough evidence to suggest that religion plays a significant factor in his life.

“They asked me to fly to L.A. I was like, ‘I can’t fly to L.A. I’m broke’. But I had to fly to L.A. — and just bet on myself. I spent that whole flight just running lines.”

From being broke to now being nominated for an Oscar, the growth is clear as daylight, hopefully, Ahmed will serve as an inspiration to those struggling to achieve their dreams and provide a reminder to all to never give up and always take a chance on yourself. If you don’t, who will?



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