Is the Texas oil refinery the next global crisis?

Photo credit: James Durbin, MBR / Associated Press

“This may result in intermittent production shut-ins, with a moderate impact on Permian oil production expected in February,”

As well as this, the problem led to rotating blackouts and pipelines had to be halted due to power outages forcing 40% of the nation’s oil production offline (4million daily barrel output).

Photo credit: Bloomberg

One user stated: “There is no reason why this blip on the market should cause crisis in oil. It will warm up, and people should help one another until then. Democracy is about caring for all.”

I definitely agree with this point. There will always be situations that the world didn’t expect but that is where democracy plays its part. Countries should always try to help each other and provide support to other countries in need in order to reduce damages that could in turn have a global effect.

“​So, who will start the rumour that there was deliberate sabotage to raise the price of oil?”

But I don’t think a rumour on an issue created by the weather would hold up, so for now, I think our focus should be on decreasing the amount of toxic gases being let into our environment, as without our environment, there’ll be no oil.



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