From ‘Diary of a Badman’ to MBE — how Humzah Arshad put “Asians on the map”.

Humzah Arshad MBE is an English actor, comedian, and writer from Pakistan who now lives in Streatham, England. For a South Asian growing up in East London, Humzah Arshad was a household name. Many of us grew up watching ‘Diary of a badman’ on YouTube, a comedy series he is most known for which started on the 6th of September 2010 and ended on the 10th of October 2013. In the series, Arshad portrays an optimistic young man going through challenges that most the…

From Emmy to Oscar — Riz Ahmed has earned them all.

Written by: Halima K

Riz Ahmed, also known as Riz MC, is an English actor, rapper, musician, and activist. Clearly, a man of many talents, who was born on the 1st of December 1982, to a British Pakistani family. His ethnic background contributes to his popularity amongst Asian ethnic minorities as they are able to identify with him and feel connected to him through familiarity in origin.

He is mostly known for his role in the comedy/drama ‘Four Lions’ and for the character of Bodhi Rook in the ‘Star…

Groomed at the age of 15, and now rendered “stateless” — was this the right move?

Written by: Halima K

For the few of you who have somehow managed to escape the topic of Shamima Begum, here is a brief of who she is and what has happened. Shamima is a British woman who left the UK at the age of 15 to join the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). …

Water and oil don’t mix, and apparently, neither does ice and oil.

Written by: Halima K

Texas produces around 4.6 million barrels of oil every day. That is A LOT of oil.

No wonder it’s the largest US crude-producing state in America and home to some of the largest refineries.

So, what’s happened to it?

A deep freeze struck Texas over the weekend of the 12th of February, this meant temperatures were below freezing and in the single digits Fahrenheit. For those who don’t know just how cold that is, there was a snowstorm, and Texas doesn’t see snow AT…

After being in lockdown for the majority of a year, what effect has this had on our mental-wellbeing?

Written by: Halima K

There has been a variety of factors affecting our mental health during the lockdown. I don’t feel like I need to mention them all, as I’m sure you already know. So instead, I’d like to start by saying that I hope you’re all doing well, and brighter days are on the way.

Now many of us have lost our jobs and some of us have been furloughed. I know that I’ve been both, lucky me.

For anyone who…

A movement that is years old reignited, but why?

Written by: Rafa

Anyone who hasn’t been living under a rock knows about the BLM movement. The BLM movement is serious and powerful, affirming the systematic oppression that black people face daily. Yes, it’s 2021 and you think the BLM movement has passed, so why should you care? Do you not think the phenomenal moves that were made last year need to continue? Or do you think racism has ended?

So, what exactly happened?

The movement gained momentum by the death of George Floyd on the 25th May 2020, FYI BLM…

Some countries have managed, others haven’t, what went wrong?

Written by: Halima K

Evidently, the closing of borders appeared to be the most effective strategy in defeating Covid-19, yet so many countries refused to take this route and are now being held hostage by the covid virus. Let’s take a look at one example:

UK (4,201,358 cases, 140,062 deaths as of 04/03/21)

Despite having one of the highest numbers of Covid-19 cases and deaths, the UK’s borders remain open.

They have also recently found a new variant of the South African strand which caused us into the lastest national lockdown…

What has the world been saying about the farmers’ protests happening in India? Read here to find out.

Written by: Halima K

What does social media have to say?

250 tweets and accounts that belonged to protestors and rally leaders, such as Kisan Sabha, were deleted or suspended having been reported by government officials as a “threat to public security”. I’m not sure how a 40-character tweet could intimidate a whole nation's security, but it’s interesting to see how freedom of speech can be seen as a threat.

However, Twitter has recently unblocked these allowing a voice for the protestors…

You’ve seen it on twitter, but why haven’t you seen it on the news? A brief of what’s been happening in India.

Written by: Halima K

To understand the situation completely we’ll have to go back a few decades…probably to before you were even born, yikes!

From the 1970s to the 1980s violence emerged from a national resistance in a demand for equal opportunities for Punjabi Sikhs. This meant tension between Punjabi Sikhs and the rest of India has always been high. Pretty mad to think THOUSANDS have died by just trying to gain equal rights, right?

Photo credit: Sajjad Hussain / AFP — Getty Images

But if this…

A vaccine to fight the deadly virus is out — so why isn’t the public taking it? Find out here.

Written by: Saleha K

Logically you’d assume that the human instinct we have would always tell us to survive, right? So, when our very ‘capable’ government tells us that there is a vaccine you would think there was an influx of people that want to take it. I thought so too, however, this is not the case.

Photo credit: Reuters

A bit of background, now we have 2 vaccines and a third that may be coming into circulation. The first and the most…

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